Tuesday, July 10, 2012


With the 1960's trend in full force for Fall 2012, fashion icon aka the first 'real' supermodel (first being controversial) Twiggy was the first face that came to mind. Back in the Mod ‘60s, Twiggy, with her huge eyes and boyish bob haircut, conquered London the London scene...and fashion changed forever. I've always been drawn to this period of time ~ I would have loved to experience the wild fashion and music frenzy and cultural awakening that came about throughout that decade. It's the hippie in me I suppose. Anyway, besides Twiggy’s strong sense of fashion and style she was also known for her distinct make up look ‘spiderish lashes’. (still on the beauty map for Fall)
( seen on tumblr and google/images)


  1. I adore Twiggy. I remember when I was younger, I became completely obsessed with her and did a project on her in school!

  2. She's beautiful and still looks very approachable. Maybe it is the free spirit type of look from the 60's that does that. But she just looks like a normal girl. Great inspiration! <3