Thursday, December 11, 2014

Here comes the Rain

Finally got to wore my vintage Burberry trench coat in preparation of the 'severe' rain storms coming towards LA....finally though, we need the rain sooo badly....

Friday, December 5, 2014


This Fall and Winter I'm loving a more minimalistic way of dressing vs the bohemian style that has always been at my core. Clean lines, structured coats, skinny jeans, over-sized knitwear, dressing in all back, all red, crispy white shirts, long hair, middle parts, plaid (will always love plaid) faux fur, turtlenecks, hats, neutral makeup..with a red lip at night....envisioning nights with the ambiance of a dark moody lounge or London decor cafe with black and white checkered floors and high bar stools where men smoke cigars and women sip dirty martinis...

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Flowers

 Can't believe it's December and we're in the final stretch until Christmas break. (I might have the best job in the world~closing down for 2 weeks as if I was still in school). Looking back on pictures, it's like we never had a real 'Fall' as it's remained 80+ degrees in LA this whole time... pretty much up until today when it finally rained. Much needed rain. Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone, both which crept up and didn't have their usual build up (I blame the weather) - it's looking like the same story with Christmas. We put our tree up last night hoping to give the house a holiday feel and help us get in the holiday's kinda working! So many good times these past couple of months...highlights of our pre-holiday house party, the annual rollerskating jammy-jam where I wore my actual high school 'Senior' shirt for a Dazed & Confused effect (brilliantly one of the only shirts I kept), seeing/freaking out over Lana Del Rey in the Hollywood cemetery, Venice and Santa Monica beach days, friends and bbq's, hiking adventures, fashion shows and industry events, wine tasting, ritual Sunday game days at The Dark Room, Thanks/Friends-giving, Christmas tree-trimming, and not only seeing Marilyn Manson at the Roxy~but hanging with him after the show&party hopping to Mr Chow's LA mansion until 4am (kind of an awesome night, and someone needs to know!) I'm so excited for this month~lots of festivities in LA these next couple of weeks will make me ready to get the hell out of here for a much needed break...Dallas...Philly...NY...yes yes yes!