Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Hands down - coolest baby shower to ever occur. Leave it to Margaret, my stylish, creative and true close friend who left LA 2 years ago returning to her TX roots. She followed her heart, and that little voice in her head telling her that she would meet the man of dreams in Texas. It was like she just knew it would happen, and she took that leap. She also wanted a change of pace - to slow down from the LA lifestyle and seek out something different - (a good man) perhaps a house with a porch. Sure enough, she met Gabe her first month back home in Houston at a country western bar, fell in love, and after a year  or so, they relocated together to New Orleans...another city she had always longed to live in. It is in NOLA where they will be expecting a baby boy, Lockett, come December. That being said - she knew she better come back to LA for an 'LA baby shower' from her peeps! Our friend who has an amazing house in Topanga Canyon hosted the shower - couldn't have asked for a better setting. Having guys & girls made it feel more like a party and celebration, which turned into an all day-into nighttime affair. Good music, laughs, wine, mountain views, pool, darts, good food and major gift opening....Lockett is going to be stylin' that's for sure - I've never seen cuter baby presents in my life. A baby denim Levi's jacket, moccasins, a tee-pee for his room...c'mon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Dear Chicago,
I love you. It was so great to finally explore you over Labor Day weekend -- seeing 'the bean', Millennium park, breathing the clean air, seeing the clean trash-free streets, tasting the delicious food, the countless rooftop settings, old historic buildings, experiencing the architectural river tour, shopping and bar hopping in Wicker park, true deep dish pizza, sampling/comparing noteworthy donut spots, Soldier Field, Wrigley Field, friendly people....and last but not least, the home of my bestie Alina, a Chicago native who housed us in her adorable home, cooked daily breakfast, poured strong whiskeys, and basically acted as the ultimate tour guide. Didn't even mind the humidity!