Friday, September 12, 2014

The Dude

Eventful week....had so much fun at the other night at The White Russian rooftop party at Siren Studios that a friend of mine produced - personal appearance by none other than Jeff Bridges himself, promoting a new White Russian/Kahlua commercial. (one of my favorite actors hands down) So cool to see THE DUDE in the flesh and more so to watch him with others and actually see how nice and down to earth he is. Sadly I didn't get a picture, but my friend who worked at the event was ever so lucky. Needless to say, there were many quotes from The Big Lebowski being thrown around throughout the evening....and "I haven't had a white russian since college"  was repeated by pretty much everyone I talked to. To top the night off, we got a nice little photo bomb from Andy Dick - it's been awhile since I've seen that guy out in about, stirring things up per usual....
Meanwhile....I can't overlook the recent Dwight Yoakum concert (or the pics we took with him, hanging out on his tour bus before the show, and our autographed posters - no big deal!). It's fun to 'know people' at times like that - being from TX I have a love and appreciation for country music, and Mr Yoakum is the reeeeal deal. He's in the Johnny Cash, Willie, Waylon and the boys caliber....obviously some of my friends back home were a little bit jealous! So fun seeing him live and getting the chance to talk with him behind the scenes. What a genuine nice person. He and Jeff Bridges should hang out if they don't already :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

...and the Sundance Kid

Labor Day weekend was such an amazing time visiting Park City, Utah, to see our friends tie the knot.... I've been going through post get-away depression since yesterday. The destination wedding was held at the Sundance Resort - a place I might not have known to visit, but am so glad we had the chance to experience. The resort was created by Robert Redford, (a favorite actor since childhood thanks to my mom and aunt) who bought the land back in 1969 ~ it has a special charm I felt like I could live there permanently without ever leaving the property. There are Robert R quotes throughout the resort about how Sundance came to be, along with old framed pictures from his films like Butch Cassidy&the Sundance Kid and The Horse Whisperer.  I love the mountain vibe almost as much as the beach... the log cabins, rustic decor, stone wood burning fireplaces, crisp cool & clean air, the sound of a creek outside your cabin window...ours had a porch with scenic view too:) I love when people have weddings in cool places - while enjoying the festivities planned, you also get to have your own vacation time to explore. We wished we had an extra day to visit the town of Park City itself, but the resort was just to hard to leave in the short time we had. From horseback riding, mountain biking, taking the ski lift to highest mountain top, hiking to waterfalls, dining, live music at the owl bar each night...there was plenty to choose from to keep us entertained...not to mention the welcome BBQ, the wedding day itself, and the farewell brunch the following morning. Everything was so tastefully done...very much my style with the bride in a lace gown and Stevie Nicks playing right before she walked down the aisle, surrounded by mountains and pines. It rained lightly most of that day, but the sun came out just in time...
One the wardrobe front, it was nice to be in cooler weather after the LA heat! I got this awesome knit crochet dress for the wedding that I didn't even get a full length picture in. It was dark grey, chic yet elegant, and turned out to match my dudes suit pretty perfectly. I wore my vintage velvet maxi dress (that I scored in Austin, TX) to the rehearsal/bbq...and other than that was pretty much living in my latest obsession - Rag&Bone distressed denim jacket :)