Thursday, February 24, 2011

School's out...

 Bell bottom jeans have always been 'in' in my book, however this Spring shows much more of a return. First thing that comes to mind is my love for my one of my favorite movies, Dazed and Confused, and the hippie fashions that it entails. Have I mentioned I should have spent my 20's in the 70's?
 What makes today's title even better, is that last night I was waiting outside of cafe RFD in LA for a table, and this woman came up next to us with her huge white Labradoodle we started talking to her about how great this dog was (questions like how old is he etc), she turns her head and starts talking to us directly. When we met eyes, immediately I heard the words "AIR RAID YOU FRESHMAN BITCHES!!" Parker Posey. (above right for those who don't know). So. Awesome.
Skinny jeans aren't going anywhere...but having this other option will be a fun change :)
 These are the J Brand Lovestory bellbottom (above)...I have a pair in a light wash from last year that I love, they are so soft with the right amount of stretch. However, they are a size too big so I have to wear them more casually dressed down. I'm thinking it's time for a new pair that fit just right, in a darker wash. These jeans would be flattering on pretty much everyone...GO BUY!
This girl just looks adorable...a great way to wear this look today

Monday, February 21, 2011

fresh air

Marie Claire March 2011 - (

Liv Tyler for Proenza Schouler Spring Collection - I love her...

Vogue Italia Feb 2011

paint it black

...just a night spent at home

Sunday, February 20, 2011

like a rollin stone

 Saturday night "Stone" theme party...come as any stone (rolling stone, stoner, flintstone, sharon stone etc). We decided to channel Rolling Stone groupies...thinking Marianne Faithful days. However as we (room/soulmate and I) left our house, I realized this was pretty much something I would wear out anyway with trends today. Suppose that's a fun part of fashion, it ALWAYS comes back.
 Doing my makeup and my roommie's was half the fun...double wings for her and cat eyes for me...
  hallway bowling...
step 1: use a light gold or neutral shadow for the base and cover the lid.
step 2: use a crease brush dabbed in charcoal or dark brown shadow for the crease of the eyelid. Work from the outside it which will make it heavier on the outside fading inward.
step 3: use liquid eyeliner (I use kat von D tattoo liquid noted in previous blog) and also start from the outside in. It's better to start thin and go from there to increase the can extend the line longer on the outside creating a more dramtic look.
step 4: use a white eyeliner one the bottom lash which will open and brighten your eyes
step 5: apply long lash mascara
(Shoes-aerosoles; leggings-H&M; dress-one grey day; hat-urban outfitters; bag-vintage; gold bracelets-St. John)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

in love, again.

Have been watching these dolce vita booties online for the past week and finally gave into them with skinny jeans, but can't wait to wear them in warmer weather with a dress.
(jeans-levi's; blouse-urban outfitters; long tshirt-target; booties-dolce vita; bag-vintage)

Friday, February 18, 2011


This was taken about 2 years ago..a good friend of mine's maternity photo shoot I did the makeup for. Seeing her a couple of nights ago and playing with her little girl who is a year 1/2 now reminded me of this day :) It had been WAY too long since we had seen each other.
 And these were taken about a year ago... friend's photoshoot for a new model card and head shot. Saw her the other day as well. It too, had been too long. LQ, this is for you! xoxoxoxox

Having pretty friends has its perks...

Marchesa Fall 2011

I lost my breath! Marchesa at Fall 2011 NY Fashion far my favorite designer when it comes to evening wear. See more at

Thursday, February 17, 2011

waiting for the rain

(leggings-H&M; boots-soul to sole laguna beach; denim shirt-H&M; black tank dress-target; bag-vintage; neclace-fidm museum store; gloves-target; watch-diesel)

the rain was, coming. grey morning=motorcylce boots.


Went to Crossroads the other day to sell some clothes (after cleaning out/organizing my closet)...they ended up buying 7 things, giving me a decent store credit to 'trade' for the above items. A crochet Theory sweater? So excited. And a vintage dress and shorts. I'm usually not a shorts person, but the buttons were so cute and I'm thinking with grey tights it'll be adorb.

Monday, February 14, 2011

jar of hearts

 Valentine's dear friend shared these words this morning (from her 'daily quotes' email!): 
"The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along." (Rumi)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

the tourist

 Off to my LEAST favorite place to shop...hollywood blvd. Tourist capital. There was a solid reason...a store I had to check in on about some shoes...which ended in dissappointment. All that effort of fighting the crowds and being harrassed, and I still came home shoeless. 

..the ace bandage isn't a fashion statement. Something unexplainable happened to my wrist the other night and it's looking like I may have to see the Dr. tomorrow :( addiction to coconut water has become an expensive habit. I recommend pouring it over ice and using a straw.
(skirt-save the queen; tank-one grey day; boots-mossimo/target; hat-element; bag-vintage; watch-diesel; sunglasses-carreras; necklace-vintage)

...who am I room(soul)mate and I did end up having fun on the blvd..

around my room

Lazy sunday morning, meet my cuddler ANIKAN. He is super laid back and adjusts easily wherever he is. Probably because I've moved him around so much since college when I got him. He is almost 9 -enough said. Anyway, I bought this faux fur throw as an accent for my bed, which, has now turned into Anikans bed in itself. I think the fur makes him feel right at home.

...trying to get organized for the week ahead. My 'first' closet above needs some organizing. Thank God for two closets....

The philosophy Grace is my current favorate fragrance. It's like smelling fresh clean sheets, or, soap :) As far as lotion, I'm obsessed with Laura mercier products in general, but this coconut almond is hands down the best. Oh, and there is my great-grandmothers turqouise bracelet by the way...

 Have I mentioned feathers are another obsession? I feel like these earrings could go with almost everything.

My mom gave this to me. I remember it hanging behind her vanity in the house I grew up in. Even when I was a child, I always loved it.

He knows how to look right back at the camera...