Sunday, February 13, 2011

the tourist

 Off to my LEAST favorite place to shop...hollywood blvd. Tourist capital. There was a solid reason...a store I had to check in on about some shoes...which ended in dissappointment. All that effort of fighting the crowds and being harrassed, and I still came home shoeless. 

..the ace bandage isn't a fashion statement. Something unexplainable happened to my wrist the other night and it's looking like I may have to see the Dr. tomorrow :( addiction to coconut water has become an expensive habit. I recommend pouring it over ice and using a straw.
(skirt-save the queen; tank-one grey day; boots-mossimo/target; hat-element; bag-vintage; watch-diesel; sunglasses-carreras; necklace-vintage)

...who am I room(soul)mate and I did end up having fun on the blvd..

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  1. LOVE this look and especially the picture of you leaving your house! Love the back detail of the tank!