Monday, November 30, 2015

Let's Ride

Road trippin' across the California desert in my Born Losers T-shirt, Rag & Bone denim, and custom made hat. Dust, wind and the feeling of freedom in wide open spaces...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

August Getty x David LaChapelle

Of the many-many-many events I book models on, this was one I didn't want to miss: Los Angeles based designer (and oil heir) August Getty's Spring 2016 "Thread of Man" show, who teamed with famed photographer David LaChapelle for the mysterious presentation which was billed as an "experience". So intrigued - no details were provided.
 There was a pick-up by a Mercedes van which transported us deep in the back lots of Universal Studios. "Guests walked at their own pace through an Old West ghost town set that Getty and LaChappelle had transformed into a dystopian, multimedia, beautiful wasteland. 1940s parlour music played in the background as clips of Donald Trump speeches from Fox whirred together in a stack of junk TVs. The diverse models were trapped in deserted buildings (with conveniently large windows to indulge voyeurs) lining the short road. Getty said he used "the skin tone of five iconic women as a foundation" for the collection, and it was sometimes hard to tell where his sexy, body conscious pieces stopped and the models' own skin started. The show ended with a black Pentecostal choir hand-chosen by LaChapelle - everyone singing along to "Oh Happy Day" :) "
My co-workers and I sipped hot toddy's and had the most fun in the phone booth pretending we were being arrested with the cop lights flashing behind - immature? Maybe a little. Loved seeing our models up close and were impressed how the managed to keep a straight/serious face of their acting role as their agents stared through the windows smiling.