Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ride the Snake

There have been several times I've glanced over and actually thought this snake was real. It has been really hot in LA this week, finally we are having a summer that we never got to really see last year. This light weight romper is a good thing to wear on a day like this...I added the vintage belt and scarf tied to my purse for a little pop-of-color :)
(romper-H&M, belt and necklace-vintage, shoes- 80%20; scarf- mexico; purse- St John Knits; sunglasses -ray ban)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

feather findings

Ran over to the fashion district on my lunch break yesterday in a search for white feathers...(upcoming theme party we're having). I cannot believe I work so close to this area yet never take advantage of what the stores offer...especially the prices. Yes you have to know where to look - but luckily I had a knowledgeable friend/guide to show the way.
The shops we went to were totally on-trend and better than anything I see in the malls. Can't wait to spend some more lunch breaks here when I'm not shopping for feathers.

 So excited to discover this accessories store, Kukuly's. Below are a couple pics of the Owner who is so welcoming and endearing - can't wait to go back and buy jewelry from her that I don't need!
Mission Accomplished. (There might also be a fur rug/throw blanket in that huge bag-score!)

Easy and Breezy

A perfect way to wear the sheer maxi...

Speaking of sheer...American Apparel has a sexy new sheer maxi dress in micro-mesh I'm thinking about getting (of course I would wear something underneath unlike the model in the ad :)) I tried it on the other day and love the formed fit, and the fact that you could make it casual or dress it up. In black, it could also be something to wear into the Fall. Just sayin'...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Do's

I really need to take advantage of my long hair and start doing more fun stuff. 
As a little girl my hair was ALWAYS in braids and pony tails tied up (sometimes too tight haha) with ribbons and bows. Even though it looked adorable, I think it gave me a complex or something. Maybe that's the reason that the majority of the time as an adult I have my hair down, messy and flowy. Dammit I'm wearing a braid this weekend!
A messy bun is always a great look for summer, and keeps you a little cooler :)
A neat clean bun is another good way to go - I like it for a sleek nighttime look...
Feathers and bohemian clips are fun to add this summer to an up-or-down do!
Then there is always the beach hair (my usual go-to)...
This Bumble and Bumble surf spray mist helps with any of these looks (except for the sleek bun) giving it that messy textured effect...I use this stuff up fast!

For more awesome products for summer hair see SULTRA

Monday, June 27, 2011


Browsing the display of 'statement' necklaces at the FIDM Museum Shop.
 Another way to utilize safety pins...
With a low cut classy simple black dress....ah, envisioning...
 Loving this last idea of adding/weaving in a long pearl necklace to a light weight scarf...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still The One

So happy have had my best friend from TX in town visiting this weekend...her adorable 2 year old daughter, and husband, in tow!
I had SO much fun today styling and shooting some family photos for them in the hollywood hills...
will have to post the final results once they pick their fav's.
 (In case you wondered, Still The One has special song meaning to us from one particular day at the lake in high school, just 16 years old :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stairway to Nowhere

(lace dress-BB Dakota; silg shrug- Zara; boots- dolce vita; tights-target)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blush Gone Crazy?

Reports are out that all-over blush may be a new trend in makeup (seeing more and more in various runway shows). I'm going to remain old school and stick to blush only being work on the apples of the cheek. Blush on the lower cheeks or up the temples may be cool on the runway, but very few can (or should) pull that off for a day-to-day look.
Above: Models backstage for Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony. 
Below: Marc Jacobs Fall '11 backstage
( and Refinery29)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


She always makes my want to chop my hair...
Not-gonna-do-it though :)

Fallen Angels

I pass this angel daily (by the building where I work) on this busy downtown street. Something about her makes it seem as though she's really watching you....perhaps it's the cat-mask she wears. I've always loved the way she seems to be floating along, carelessly....
(silk pants-vintage; lace top-lush; sunglasses-A.J Morgan; wedge booties-blowfish; bag-miu miu)

Wore my silk pants today I just got at the flea market. So comfortable they feel like pajamas. I also like how they were mistaken for a skirt several times today.
Mixing prints and different fabrics/textures is my favorite trend out there.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heart Hart

Jessica Hart's street style...