Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Do's

I really need to take advantage of my long hair and start doing more fun stuff. 
As a little girl my hair was ALWAYS in braids and pony tails tied up (sometimes too tight haha) with ribbons and bows. Even though it looked adorable, I think it gave me a complex or something. Maybe that's the reason that the majority of the time as an adult I have my hair down, messy and flowy. Dammit I'm wearing a braid this weekend!
A messy bun is always a great look for summer, and keeps you a little cooler :)
A neat clean bun is another good way to go - I like it for a sleek nighttime look...
Feathers and bohemian clips are fun to add this summer to an up-or-down do!
Then there is always the beach hair (my usual go-to)...
This Bumble and Bumble surf spray mist helps with any of these looks (except for the sleek bun) giving it that messy textured effect...I use this stuff up fast!

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