Wednesday, June 29, 2011

feather findings

Ran over to the fashion district on my lunch break yesterday in a search for white feathers...(upcoming theme party we're having). I cannot believe I work so close to this area yet never take advantage of what the stores offer...especially the prices. Yes you have to know where to look - but luckily I had a knowledgeable friend/guide to show the way.
The shops we went to were totally on-trend and better than anything I see in the malls. Can't wait to spend some more lunch breaks here when I'm not shopping for feathers.

 So excited to discover this accessories store, Kukuly's. Below are a couple pics of the Owner who is so welcoming and endearing - can't wait to go back and buy jewelry from her that I don't need!
Mission Accomplished. (There might also be a fur rug/throw blanket in that huge bag-score!)


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