Monday, June 20, 2011

Better late than Never

I have been missing out big time. After living less than half a mile away from the LA fairfax flea market that happens every sunday (for longer than I'd care to mention) I finally went with my friend yesterday and realized how lame I have been for not checking it out sooner :/
Vintage Heaven...
 ...wanted to buy this crazy dolce&gabbana looking dress but couldn't quite follow through with it...just not on my summer list although I'll probably wish I had later.
We both found some great things...I was a sucker for the jewelry collection we came across (below: pink paisleys represented by mary brennan & co )...and a few clothing items. 
Next time I need to focus on household items :)
 There. They look better on my dresser :)
 Later in the day (after I went home and changed into my 'new' vintage hendrix t-shirt) we walked down the street to Melrose and paid the fruit stand guy a visit...fresh fruit sprinkled with salt and good. 
I love days that involve trying new things.


  1. how fun! I LOVE a flea market! I miss being in miami they have the best one on Lincoln on Sundays!

  2. omg that ring connected bracelet (whatever it's called lol) is the best piece of jewelry ever!!!