Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pulp Fiction

Happy Halloween!!!!!! My favorite 'holiday'...
There were Tarantino themes last night at the LA Models 2nd annual Halloween bash - Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction was a fun part to play, while my boyfriend went the Pai Mei direction from Kill Bill. The eyebrows were my favorite part of his costume (and the fact that he wore my robe) and of course, my outfit wouldn't have been complete without a syringe and bloody nose. Loved my friends Amy Winehouse get-up, (he) played a train wreck well....and one of our models nailed Beetlejuice which was another fave. Good times always at Warwick LA!
"Don't be a.....(square). 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Black Tie Affair

Sometimes getting fancy feels so good - can't think of a better event to dress up for than a black tie wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Playin' around with my long lost canon camera yesterday...wearing my new favorite Redone denim (, a vintage tee from Filthmart (best place for tee's in LA) and my restored wide brimmed hat I haven't been able to wear in months because of the heat. I forced the boy to pose for me too, just because of those baby blues.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Madonna Inn

Took a road trip up North this weekend to check out the infamous Madonna Inn motel I've been wanting to stay at for years. It's been so hot in LA this Summer, still high 90's mid October, so escaping to somewhere a little cooler with a pool over the long holiday weekend just seemed like the right thing to do. We crammed a lot into 2 days, checking into our Old Fashioned themed room, meeting our LA friends by the Madonna pool, hot tubbing, putting on floral printed shirts ready for a night at the pink cocktail bar, hanging in the Buffalo Room, ubering into downtown SLO to hang with the Cal Poly kids, having brunch, checking out Bubblegum Alley, laying out at Pismo beach, exploring the secret Dutch town of Solvang on the drive up...


Site seeing in San Luis Obispo - Bubblegum Alley was top of the list.

Stopped in PISMO BEACH to explore, and get some sun....

Last stop in Solvang, the cutest little Danish town randomly off the 101 freeway on the way to SLO. The main thing to do there is buy chocolate and visit wineries.