Monday, March 31, 2014

The Who

Creeping up on April fools day tomorrow, looking back on the last month of craziness between work and play...pretty sure my vintage 'The Who' t-shirt got the most wear this past month...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Welcome to Hollywood

Quotes from Pretty Woman stuck in my head..."Welcome to Hollywood, everyone that comes to Hollywood has a dream...what's your dream...heyy what's your dream!" 
Just some snapshots taken while giving a friend of mine (visiting from TX) a super quick tour of Hollywood Blvd, complete with the sign, just so she can now say she's seen it. A few minutes on the Blvd is about all I can handle with the mob of tourists and chaos that are always lingering. It was cool to stumble upon the star of  Johnny Cash though. All worth it.
Worn in jeans, a plain solid T-shirt and some cool beat up boots has kind of become my uniform these last couple of months. Looking forward to Spring and dresses...but always love this casual untried style.
jeans: Mother; T-urban, boots- jeffrey campbell; sunglasses -Gant; bag- sissi rossi