Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forget and Confess

 Forget and Confess...two insanely good albums by Twin Shadow, with frontman George Lewis Jr who is so charismatic and captivating on stage it's hard to not have a total crush.
My first thought when we met George Lewis last year (see here) was just how cool he wise, but  also with his mellow yet bad ass attitude all the while showing total appreciation to his fans. 

 I stumbled across this article of an interview with George in 2010...
His personal style: “James Dean in Bollywood in the late ’80s”
His signature piece: “My good-luck triple-rabbit-foot braided voodoo necklace”
Favorite designers: “I'm not savvy in this department just yet; I’m trying to get better about knowing who does what I like. I would never talk about wine with winos until I’ve studied good and hard.”

I'm sure he knows more about his favorite designers now...the boy has style;)

My friend and I drove to Pomona, CA (where is that, right? exactly.) last weekend to see them play at the Glasshouse...a small venue which is the perfect setting to see this band. Intimate setting....yes please. Since seeing them perform in Big Sur last year, my love has only intensified...especially with their latest album release Confess. The music has strong 80's influences that remind me of Morrissey and The Cure in the 'old' days, combined with darker melodies and those poetic lyrics that I love. We were so stoked to hear them play I think I was trying to fly...and the life size George cut-out...couldn't resist :)

 Check out one of my favorite songs "I Don't Care" from the album HERE ...
he just happened to end the show with this one too!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

White Zombie

I'm not sure what it is about this very-simple all white outfit that has me loving it, and thinking 'what do I have in my closet to replicate?' Even though Labor Day is around the corner, all white can still be worn year round if done the right way! In the case of this upcoming weekend, I'm diggin' the casual cool
flip flop, over sized tee and skinny jean chic vibe....
J Brand (see here) has a good go-to classic I wouldn't mind adding to my drawers :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall for Rag & Bone

Kate Moss featured in the rag & bone (first ever) campaign has me all excited for Fall! The campaign was shot on the streets of Kentish Town, London and will be launching early next around the corner! The grass is always greener when it comes to the weather...I'm just about ready to trade in my cutoffs for some layering and leather!!
Loving the rag & bone Fall 2012 collection....pretty sure you will too :)
Check it out HERE!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cooling Off

It's been the hottest past couple weeks L.A has seen in a looong time. Dare I say this weekend should actually feel normal outside again?  Looking back on random moments 'trying to keep cool' with oversize muscle-tank tops, pool parties, cold/cheap beer, street festivals/outdoor concerts, cowboys boots-because why not wear boots in the heat, turquoise rings, and beautiful sheer tunic dresses that feel like you're wearing nothing.....Happy Friday! 
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(Sheer dresses- Emily Factor; Moonchylde tank - Urban Outfitters)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sisters of the Black Moon

I've been a big fan of Sisters of the Black Moon for quite some time....not only do they collaborate with some of my other favorites brands like Heyoka Leather, but they also originated 'somewhere' between Austin and Dallas Texas (my 2 home sweet homes, aside from my California life), none the less, while Fleetwood Mac (I love) was playing on the radio. So, it's no surprise that their online boutique is right up my alley with it's vintage, bohemian vibe mixed in with a rock n' roll edge. The designs and inspiration behind them have a completely dark essence...with 'Moonchild' in my soul it's no wonder I would love what these 3 sisters are all about....(images @ Sisters of the Black Moon/tumblr)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Beauty Essentials

Just a few of my recent must-have beauty essentials...what are your go-to's? 
1.Sultra leave in conditioner/detangler
2.Neutrogena tinted moisturizer
3.Philosophy Grace perfume (fresh like a clean sheet!)
 4. O.P.I "San Tan-Tonio" nude nail polish (from the TX collection, ha!)

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Saturday afternoon/night at the Long Beach Funk Festival in downtown LBC....tons of funky people, singing and dancing in the streets, flame throwers, art displays, graffiti, great lineup and all access/backstage passes to meet some of the funk legends themselves. Short cutoffs seemed the only appropriate thing to wear for an outdoor all-day festival...and boots vs sandals to keep from getting dirty :)
(wearing: levi cutoffs, steve madden booties, vintage 'bukowski' tank, fringe bag @nastygal)