Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forget and Confess

 Forget and Confess...two insanely good albums by Twin Shadow, with frontman George Lewis Jr who is so charismatic and captivating on stage it's hard to not have a total crush.
My first thought when we met George Lewis last year (see here) was just how cool he wise, but  also with his mellow yet bad ass attitude all the while showing total appreciation to his fans. 

 I stumbled across this article of an interview with George in 2010...
His personal style: “James Dean in Bollywood in the late ’80s”
His signature piece: “My good-luck triple-rabbit-foot braided voodoo necklace”
Favorite designers: “I'm not savvy in this department just yet; I’m trying to get better about knowing who does what I like. I would never talk about wine with winos until I’ve studied good and hard.”

I'm sure he knows more about his favorite designers now...the boy has style;)

My friend and I drove to Pomona, CA (where is that, right? exactly.) last weekend to see them play at the Glasshouse...a small venue which is the perfect setting to see this band. Intimate setting....yes please. Since seeing them perform in Big Sur last year, my love has only intensified...especially with their latest album release Confess. The music has strong 80's influences that remind me of Morrissey and The Cure in the 'old' days, combined with darker melodies and those poetic lyrics that I love. We were so stoked to hear them play I think I was trying to fly...and the life size George cut-out...couldn't resist :)

 Check out one of my favorite songs "I Don't Care" from the album HERE ...
he just happened to end the show with this one too!


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