Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sisters of the Black Moon

I've been a big fan of Sisters of the Black Moon for quite some time....not only do they collaborate with some of my other favorites brands like Heyoka Leather, but they also originated 'somewhere' between Austin and Dallas Texas (my 2 home sweet homes, aside from my California life), none the less, while Fleetwood Mac (I love) was playing on the radio. So, it's no surprise that their online boutique is right up my alley with it's vintage, bohemian vibe mixed in with a rock n' roll edge. The designs and inspiration behind them have a completely dark essence...with 'Moonchild' in my soul it's no wonder I would love what these 3 sisters are all about....(images @ Sisters of the Black Moon/tumblr)

1 comment:

  1. Such cool and unique jewelry and clothes! I love those barbed wire rings and the little girls is so cute! <3