Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teen Vogue

The Teen Vogue event at The Grove/LA this past Saturday had a HUGE turnout...had I known how huge, and how back-dripping-swear hot it was going to be, I might have stayed by the pool;) I had to park on the rooftop of the structure it was so packed, and as I looked over the ledge I wondered, "what am I walking into?!" A thousand screaming teens is what...which was pretty entertaining I must admit. Apparently I'm too old to know who pop singer Cher Lloyd is, but the young teen crowd definitely knew better. At first I heard girls screeching and yelling Cher and I thought to myself..."CHER?" Ha...no, different Cher. Anyway...after Cher performed, the Fall back-to-school runway show began! The heat intensity of this day only reiterated how much I'm looking forward to cooler weather, animal print and some layering action...

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  1. LMAO!! That girl must really be making her rounds cause she was up in my hometown just last Wednesday!! I had no idea who she was either and I told my friend, she must be some Disney channel star. All of these teens were gathered around and screaming and I was dying of laughter inside. Aww...young adolescents. :) <3