Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Time Babe

In honor of Summer and the 100 degree temperature in L.A today! I can't wait until this heat wave is over...having an apartment with no A.C is no joke, not to mention the heat stirring up earthquakes left and right this week!

"Summer Time Babe: Photographer Frida Marklund and stylist Ryan Richmond fully embrace summer with these images shot for FGR’s latest exclusive. Model Cora Keegan is a blonde bombshell in laid-back looks from the likes of Proenza Schouler, Ivana Helsinki and H Fredriksson. Sexily tousled locks and a smokey eye by beauty artist Sandra Kern complement the sunny, outdoor setting." Fashiongonerogue 


  1. love the photo and I HATE the weather too! It's like we get it LA the rest of the country is having a Summer... but I much prefer 70 year round :D I am also bummed I haven't felt a single earthquake... all my friends have been freaking out too. I should watch what I wish for :/

  2. I wish it was 100 degrees. It's supposed to be 111 two days in a row. It's going to break records set in 1898!! Love the models hair in that photo! Super cute. :) <3