Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghosts and Legends

This past weekend actually surprised me with how festive we all became anticipating Halloween. From pumpkin painting to pretend witch craft to Sprinkles a  night in Long Beach experiencing the 'dark harbor' haunted mazes of the Queen Mary a Jane's Addiction concert (last minute available tickets ahhhh!!) ...which alone called for dressing up in at least a half-ass costume:)  My purple pixie wig just never does me wrong! The real dressing up is saved for the real night of Halloween....what to be, what to be....
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fade into You

Mazzy Star touched a place in my soul ever since I first heard Fade Into You back in my teenage years.   That darker sound of psychedelic music had me playing it on repeat and might be the cause of my longtime obsession with slower/depressing music in general :) I downloaded everything by Mazzy Star a couple of days ago and have been playing it ever many songs I hadn't heard in years made them feel brand new. Perfect lounge music on a quiet Sunday night. If only it was raining....
 Anyway. Hope's style was always inspiring. She had the ability to mix and match fashion styles from different era's with perfection - which is quite impressive for that time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

...just a few more of the lovely Spring 2013 dresses I tried on (before pre-ordering) designed by my print genius friend, designer Emily Factor. This maxi dress might be made of the softest material I've ever worn, with a fit so perfect it was hard to take off. The colors in the dress remind me of the desert sunsets...Sedona in particular. Can't wait until this dress arrives for me in the Spring.
 (necklace: Heyoka Leather)
The shorter dress is another favorite from this collection. I love the double print action and the illusion of a skirt with a top...and, the fact that it's comfortable as all her designs are....and, could be casual or dressy depending on shoes and accessories...and... :)
 It's the kind of dress that make you just want to spin around in know what I mean...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting to Know You

I 'got to know' my future Emily Factor Spring 2013 maxi dress this past weekend at a pre-order event in Laurel Canyon! There are so many amazing pieces I want...but this printed sheer number jumped out at me and became first on my list. I'm a total sucker for sheer lightweight/flowy materials, and I loved the idea of mixing black accessories with this feminine design to give more edge. It could be worn Spring, Summer or Fall depending on how you style it - versatility is just one thing Emily nails in all her designs. Once the dress was a sure thing, I went on to try on everything else from the upcoming Spring 2013 line that I could (and each time had the same response of "omg, I lovvve this!")
 Check out the talented print designer's entire collection HERE!

Monday, October 22, 2012

You Are Here.

Sunday ended up in a fun-day that had no direction to begin.....stopping by a few yard sales (bought s $5 orange mod-dress that seemed necessary for no reason at all)....making our way towards brunch, and more importantly, ending up at Laurel Canyon annual photo day! They stop traffic for this 30 minute event which involves every hippie of the hills scrambling down the road hoping to make it in time for the photographer to snap their mug in a crowd of 200+....jumping in the air with peace signs on the count of three. Laurel Canyon is, and always has been, a true community of artists and creatives...witnessing this day seemed to be a way of keeping that legend alive. People got crazy!! One chick climbed the street post and another guy drove his tractor....random times are always the most entertaining :)
As far as the outfit, a black maxi dress and heyoka leather necklace was the easiest option without knowing exactly what the day would entail. And, my new dr martens boots....just about broke them in! Total comfort is what this weekend ended up being all about. I think Fall is finally here...