Monday, October 15, 2012

Insta ~ LA

Wore my new faux leather pants this weekend and have a feeling I might be living in them this Fall/Winter. I totally get how Jim Morrison never took his off...when they're super soft and fit your body juuust right, it's hard to overlook them for something else. However, I did manage to run around in my Genetic Denim jeans I had forgotten about and have been abandoning for who knows how long....sometimes a white T-shirt is all one needs with a good pair of jeans. Carried my vintage leather Coach messenger bag through the weekend - vintage Coach is the only kind you will ever see me with ;) Anyway....weekend moments of rooftop hotel parties, a late night In-N-Out stop (yes I did it), hiking the next day to not have guilt over it, and live much better when it's your friend (who also designs Heyoka Leather) performing! (I wore my Heyoka jewelry of course...can't get enough of it!)

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  1. Great photos. Especially love the ones of you girls, and this last one.. Gorgeous ! :)

    Indie by heart