Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

...just a few more of the lovely Spring 2013 dresses I tried on (before pre-ordering) designed by my print genius friend, designer Emily Factor. This maxi dress might be made of the softest material I've ever worn, with a fit so perfect it was hard to take off. The colors in the dress remind me of the desert sunsets...Sedona in particular. Can't wait until this dress arrives for me in the Spring.
 (necklace: Heyoka Leather)
The shorter dress is another favorite from this collection. I love the double print action and the illusion of a skirt with a top...and, the fact that it's comfortable as all her designs are....and, could be casual or dressy depending on shoes and accessories...and... :)
 It's the kind of dress that make you just want to spin around in know what I mean...

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  1. The shorter dress is another most that I loved from this accumulation. I adore the twofold print activity and the figment of a skirt with a top...and, the way that it's agreeable as every one of her plans are....and, could be easygoing