Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Tie-Dye Party

I pretty much stepped back into the 70's' this past weekend in Laurel Canyon. Awhile back, some of my friends came up with the fabulous idea to throw a creative inspired party...which ended up being called "Arts and Crafts Day".(the thought originated after a Chris Robinson Brotherhood band concert in Joshua Tree earlier this Summer). Well, we finally got around to it :) One of the activities to this hippie fest was to tie-dye/dip dye/ reinvent old denim, shirts, tableclothes etc into something new and trendy! (Dip dyes are suppose to be really 'in' come Spring!)

My favorite DIY end result were these bell bottom jeans I went crazzzy on with tie-dye! I honestly didn't even know what I was doing. The original color was a light wash (bought them at Urban Outfitters last year), and I just knew from there I wanted to transform them into something bold, that would be wearable in Fall or Spring. I used just about every color we had, and poured the dye directly on them in various places to make the color pop more. It was a long process, as I tend to be a perfectionist, and I just couldn't seem to be satisfied! Finally I called it a day, left them overnight to dry, and showed up the following afternoon pleasantly surprised...

  Here are some 'behind the scenes' shots and tips on what to do!!

Supplies, amongst other things, you'll need:
1. A creative group of friends (makes the process more fun!)
2. An outdoor space large enough to get messy
3. Rubber gloves (avoid stained hands) 
4. Rubber bands - optional for actual tie dye VS. dip dyeing
5. Things to dye/re-invent! - clothing, scarves, shoes, table cloths etc!
6.Various colors of dye
7. Various buckets  - one color of dye per bucket mixed with hot water
8.One bucket of water (better to wet materials before dyeing)
9. One bucket of bleach (jeans are fun to bleach out and it's a neutralizer if you mess up!)
10. Rolling rack (to hang your garments to dry after the dye process)
11. Food! Tie dyeing wears you OUT!

Mistakes You Shouldn't Make: (we know because some if us made them).
 1. Wearing clothes you care about while tie-dying...the process is MESSY
2. Hanging already dyed clothes too close to each other...they are still wet and will bleach each other out. Totally ruined a favorite shirt this way :(
3. Wash your tie dye pieces separately after letting them sit 24 hours...wash cold water only and don't even wash them with other tie dye pieces...the bleach and remaining dye will ruin and fade everything!
4. Buy strong/thick rubber bands that don't snap!

Thanks for stoppin' by! 


  1. Wow! Some of those tie dye pieces came out so good!! You did an amazing job on your jeans and i love that one tank top with the blue at the bottom. Very cool!


  2. how on earth did you get such designs I always end up with a muddled mess of colors never have any real design when finished, even when following wrapping instructions for designs,Must be I am not taping into my inner free spirit. P.s please send some my way :) And your food looks absolutly delicious!!!
    Hippy Chic