Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Roger, Maverick has the Ball

The bomber jacket will always remind me of Top Gun...and most guys will look hot wearing one as it's an automatic Tom Cruise (when he was attractive) and Val Kilmer reminder (IceMan I love you). And while the bomber may be a menswear classic in general, this Fall 2012 it was the Air Force-inspired leather styles that truly stormed the runway. Designers focused on clean shapes and cropped length...making it a staple this Fall/Winter. The leather jacket appears every fall season on the runway, but this year it’s the Air Force-inspired leather bomber, with an optional shearling collar, that stole the show. Also...a little side tip....the naturally cropped length of the bomber jacket elongates the legs, for any dudes that could use a couple extra inches! Ladies, let your  guys know what they are missing this season and help them stay on trend with all the Mavericks out there;)

A little bit of history for you...."The leather bomber can be traced back to WW1, where the Americans developed a jacket that could protect their pilots from the inclement weather when flying in the open cockpits at the time. That jacket was standardised to what is known as the Type A-2. According to specifications, the jacket featured horsehide leather (in seal or russet), knitted wristlets and waistband, zipper front and hidden snap fasteners. Shearling was added for especially cold climates. Retired during the 60’s and the 70’s, it was reissued in 1988 due to the many requests of servicemen after the surging popularity of the film Top Gun. It’s still worn today in the Air Force." - 2012 trends

(blue bomber: Acne F/W ’12) - the cropped pants are risky, but you get the idea.

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