Monday, October 22, 2012

You Are Here.

Sunday ended up in a fun-day that had no direction to begin.....stopping by a few yard sales (bought s $5 orange mod-dress that seemed necessary for no reason at all)....making our way towards brunch, and more importantly, ending up at Laurel Canyon annual photo day! They stop traffic for this 30 minute event which involves every hippie of the hills scrambling down the road hoping to make it in time for the photographer to snap their mug in a crowd of 200+....jumping in the air with peace signs on the count of three. Laurel Canyon is, and always has been, a true community of artists and creatives...witnessing this day seemed to be a way of keeping that legend alive. People got crazy!! One chick climbed the street post and another guy drove his tractor....random times are always the most entertaining :)
As far as the outfit, a black maxi dress and heyoka leather necklace was the easiest option without knowing exactly what the day would entail. And, my new dr martens boots....just about broke them in! Total comfort is what this weekend ended up being all about. I think Fall is finally here...

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  1. LOL! That girl really did climb the street light! I love that orange dress you bought and I love the Dr. Martens peeking out from your dress! So 90's!! <3