Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting to Know You

I 'got to know' my future Emily Factor Spring 2013 maxi dress this past weekend at a pre-order event in Laurel Canyon! There are so many amazing pieces I want...but this printed sheer number jumped out at me and became first on my list. I'm a total sucker for sheer lightweight/flowy materials, and I loved the idea of mixing black accessories with this feminine design to give more edge. It could be worn Spring, Summer or Fall depending on how you style it - versatility is just one thing Emily nails in all her designs. Once the dress was a sure thing, I went on to try on everything else from the upcoming Spring 2013 line that I could (and each time had the same response of "omg, I lovvve this!")
 Check out the talented print designer's entire collection HERE!


  1. love this look and that dress on you xo

  2. That's such a perfect dress on you, and the romantic bohemian vibe is quintessential California elegance!