Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hinoki and the Bird

....beautiful night to remember at Hinoki and the Bird for our good friends wedding! I was excited to finally wear my long burgundy velvet dress designed and gifted to me by my talented amazing designer friend Emily Factor. The dress was perfect for this black tie optional affair, and once I found the right statement necklace to go with it, I was all set. The details of the wedding were exquisite from the overall decor down to the cocktail menu - the entire place was transformed from the regular restaurant setting into something from a fairytale garden. Nothing was overlooked and the candle lit rustic farm table seating made dinner time feel like a real feast among friends. Table #10, naturally our table, was hands down the most enthusiastic group! The photo booth was also a good time - as photo booths tend to be especially when hats and masks are involved. People are always in good moods with extra positive energy at weddings - probably why they are memorable and we look forward to going -more so when it's a close friend. I guess deep down we must all be routing for love...

Monday, February 15, 2016

fast times

2016 already going by too fast - half way through February and feels like the holidays just ended. Added to which, the 90 degree weather  in LA this past week isn't much for 'winter'... or El Nino ~ they keep saying the downpour of nonstop rain is coming any day now. Anyway. Lots of action since the new year with friends and get-togethers, our love bug attention starved kitty Pablo, Superbowl, engagement parties at The Montage, Valentines day, sun at Echo Park lake, wandering DTLA, the Inspiration LA show, dinner parties and home cooked breakfast every Saturday b/c breakfast is the only thing I cook well :)