Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tossin' Rice ATX

One month has flown by since my bachelorette throw down celebration in Austin TX....it was like going back to relive college for a weekend...basically if there had been a keg, then keg stands would have been done by all. (so thankful there weren't any kegs). Thirteen girls, 3 suites at the Austin Motel - meaning 3 bathrooms - and not 1 single tear or silly girl fight. Aside from that winning in itself....those friends that hadn't met yet bonded, new friendships were formed, and old friendships remained as if it was just yesterday that we were all together. Bringing my childhood, high school, college and post-college 'California' friends together and seeing how well every meshed together so well felt like watching all the pieces of my life form together like some colorful abstract puzzle. My bridesmaids did so much planning organizing the entire trip - and went against everything I told them Not to do (i.e. penis necklaces, penis straws, making me wear a cheap veil out on the town....) except for the stripper - they listened to me on that one. However I still got a super memorable lap dance on Lake Austin from one of my gals, after many glasses of champagne, exceeding any and all expectations! From hanging on south congress, to dancing the night away on Rainey Street, to spending a day on our own boat on Lake Austin, to tequila shots through a penis water gun, to clouds and light rain that wasn't stopping our good time, to 2 girls having to breast pump nonstop since they left their 6 month olds back home, to eating late night pizza, live music at Continental Club, to impulsive 1:15am decisions to cab it to 6th street, more dancing, lemon drop shots, blasts from the past seeing old bars from my college stomping grounds (Maggie Maes, Blind Pig, Chuggin Monkey - omg I could go on) to breakfast tacos, yellow roses of Texas, several photo outtakes at the famous I Love You So Much wall (right across from our digs), to one decent dinner at Perla's, to a lingerie shower from all my girls, and last but not least, an epic Texas thunderstorm complete with tornado alerts just a few hours from our flight leaving back to LA. Somehow the clouds parted, the sun came through, and we got out safe and sound ...maybe 1 mimosa on the plane back home to keep the hands from shaking. Couldn't have had a better bachelorette....#tossinriceatx
Now it's time to get married. 5/6/17 is upon us!


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