Sunday, April 20, 2014

Silly Rabbit

Easter Sunday I wore my new white free people lace was as if I subconsciously knew that white bunny ears and a real white flopped ear bunny awaited at the festive brunch~party our friends threw. I matched the white theme perfectly! (the boy however had a defect with his brown bunny ears). We took pics with the Easter bunny hired for the children, drank 'white rabbit' champagne concoctions and somehow totally missed Church :/

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Planet Coachella

Another year down of music festival craziness to add to the books...I'm pretty sure everyone that goes to Coachella feels like they need a vacation when they return back home. It's seriously like being on another planet and you wonder by day 3 if you'll ever feel normal again. Needless to say, I'm still pretty exhausted after days of roaming in 100 degree desert heat chasing bands, parties, and in my case, potential models. My partner in crime from LA Models and I have gone 2 years now to scout the's kind of a fun game trying to find the diamond in the rough, but keeping up with the teenagers in the Sahara and Mohave tents will wear you out. I can only jump up and down for so long! We managed as usual to have fun though in the mixture of work and play...hitting the Guess desert pool party and the infamous Neon Carnival where rode the bumper cars and ferris wheel and danced until we couldn't take anymore. Also ended up at a random local dive bar after a blinding sand storm somewhere in this trip where some random karaoke 'Sweet Dreams' went down (left that to my boyfriend and sidekick who have the voices - definitely not me!) Back to the festival bands. My 2 favorites this year were The Knife and my GIRL, Lana Del Rey. She wore a red dress and sang her new single West Coast that's been stuck in my head ever since. I also loved seeing Kid Cudi, AFI, Broken Bells, Austra, Lorde, Neutral Milk Hotel and Calvin Harris. Sadly I missed Motorhead, MGMT, Queens of the Stoneage and Muse... bad timing. The lineup honestly wasn't my favorite this year but we made the best of it...Lana alone was worth it! Last but not least, I wore the same beat up cowboy boots every day and admit I loved busting out the lace, fringe and denim that is the perfect reflection of my inner flower child...dressing for festival season is half the fun :)