Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Twin Shadow

My friends and I did a quick road trip north to magical Big Sur last weekend to see the Twin Shadow concert at the Henry Miller Library....the BEST place to see a show ever. I'm so glad I had this experience, it was like you walked into the 70's. The library itself is basically an old wooden house with a wrap around porch...quaint and charming with so many interesting things inside (other than books of course). There is a huge clearing in the forest outside of the library where concerts take place...Twin Shadow was the perfect band to hear at this venue. Words cannot describe...

So here are my 2 'street style' pics of Big Sur...plaid flannel shirts were obviously the go-to for the dudes. I wish I had taken more pictures of what people were wearing though... there were definitely some cool outfits like this girl below - how adorable is she!
The solo guy (Toronto-based indie-pop artist John O'Regan) rockin' the red leather jacket below with the spiked out hat was the opener...Diamond Rings. He was pretty amazing too (his voice kind of reminded me of Morrissey). Check out the It's Not My Party video...
Right before the show, my friends luckily bumped into the stylish George Lewis Jr, (above) the lead singer and mastermind behind Twin Shadow, hanging out on the library porch. He was so mellow, friendly and grateful when my friend told him that his CD hasn't come out of her car in the last 6 months.

Also, I just realized yesterday...a close friend of mine gave me a burned disk last Christmas of the 20 best albums from 2010 to download, Twin Shadow 'Forget' being one of them. But, it was such an overwhelming amount of music, that I somehow overlooked this particular album. I've had it for a year and never really got into it....guess the important thing is I now see the light! His lyrics are heavy.
 "As if it wasn't enough just to hear you speak
They had to give you lips like that
Like all of your sadness reduced to a color
Then painted upon you
How could I forget you" - Tyrant Destroyed
 Check out Castles in the Snow....and Forget...just a couple of other favorites...

Messing around on piano inside the library..I use to play :/


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