Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm tagged!

Pretty cool to see a portrait of yourself 50x the size of your actual head. Even cooler when it's done entirely from spray paint....which is hard enough to use in graffiti, right? I mean, to paint a face (faces especially) and make it look real and accurate using spray paint... off of a digital photograph taken of the ' sketching it out first in pencil or anything...just the paint straight to the paper...which is over 12x15 insane! It looks just like me...with pink hair :)

Meet the artist... Rolland Berry, who's talent amazes me. I dropped by the studio last week to see the finished result! (Or should I say 'latest'...artists are never 'finished'). The eyes are my favorite part of 'my' painting...he somehow captured the emotion perfectly...a thoughtfulness mixed with sadness. He has some really cool projects in the works right now - one of which I'm excited to be a part of!
Will be posting more on this series down the road...


  1. So cool....I hope you get to keep it! Or is that too narcissistic? Meh. xo

  2. omg, these are awesome. he totally got your nose! ;) really beautiful.

  3. Ummmmm...that is AWESOME Lar!!! Looks exactly like you, everything about it! I just said the same thing to Tommy though--where do you put that ;) so cool!

  4. @Lauren
    Thanks!! It's not 'for' me...just of me for another project...I won't be taking it home with me or anything haha!