Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 10 Years

It was beyond special for my last day in NYC to be on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, today. I remember it so clearly like most of us do...I was in college and woke up to my roommate coming in my room talking about the towers being hit and turned on my TV which we were glued to all day. 
The focus of this trip for me was NYFW, but I couldn't not write about today and the memorials happening in the city this past weekend that were emotional and surreal to witness. The people who were actually here and lost their lives or their loved ones that tragic day were heavy on my mind. Somehow NY has kept its amazing energy...I'm going to have to make this trip much more often.
 Beautiful St. Patrick's Cathedral of the only peaceful moments spent being the chaotic weekend it was. It was cool to light an offering candle here. We actually couldn't stay very long because the families of the fire fighters were about to gather for a special service.... crazy is this....
The entire secret service for Obama's appearance at the Ground Zero memorial today were staying at our hotel....this is what we walked into late last night. At first I thought they were pilots haha, but we ended up talking to a few of them and got the entire low down...weren't sure to feel safer or more at risk 
with all of them in one place!
 Me, looking at the most empty lines at JFK...apparently not too many wanted to risk traveling on 9/11. I was a little hesitant but thought, then again, it might end being one of the most safe days to travel. High security all over the city, airports, check points, you name it...
In the end, I had a pretty nice flight back to L.A this evening, with another full moon....
I better go to sleep now, still on NY time meaning it's past 2AM for me...

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  1. Youre awesome roommate was KB! HAHA! I remember that day like it was yesterday too