Thursday, September 15, 2011

Street Style and SHOWTIME!

Over-stimulation doesn't even express what was happening right before showtime at Alexander Wang. The opportunity to take photos for street style was the best I've ever seen or had. People in New York just dress better, and to have them all in one place for fashion week was...over-stimulating.  Best word I can come up with. I was taking so many pictures I felt like a paparazzi. It kind of made me cringe at moments especially when celebs showed up, but, "can't beat 'em join 'em" was my motto that day.
Above: Carine Roitfeld (previous editor in chief of French Vogue til 1/11) and Terry Richardson
Below: Grace Coddington (creative director of American Vogue)
Below: Elin Kling @ her blog!!

Left: Joe Zee - Creative Director of Elle Magazine...
My peeps are pointing at me :)

Everyone anticipating who is about to step out of this was Alicia Keys...I walked away before getting the shot. This was one of the more disturbing paparazzi moments...I had to leave!
Did however walk by Lea Michele from Glee...I don't watch the show but people seem to love her...

INSIDE the the mirrors in the middle...had such a cool effect after the models walked the middle runway then around the edges with reflections bouncing off all over...
Linda Evangelista...thought it was Milla Jovovich at first glance...(not quite my generation)...
she was stunning in person as well
Above: Alicia Keys with the big hair....
Below: Courtney Love (looking somewhat healthy) and Terry Richardson
check here - for a review and slideshow of pictures from this show...
A sea of people...claustrophobians nightmare
New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 is over as of today....hope to go again for Fall!


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