Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rag & Bone

 Day #1 of New York Fashion Week....started the evening off right with Rag & Bone. Unfortunately missed the chance to go backstage because the cab ride took nearly 2 hours (to go 3 miles) due to all the 9/11 precautions/check points. I see where the NY attitude comes from...and I thought LA was crazy.
 Hey, at least we made the show in time...thank God it started 30 minutes late!

Check Style.com to see clearer images of the runway show....my camera didn't do so well with the motion/blur! The 'special effects' were so cool...what you thought was the catwalk actually rose from the ground and became the above light fixtures. They always get so creative at these events. Biggest runway trend for this show and Spring 2012....NEONS!! Electric blue and Orange...bold color!
 With the crew from Good Day LA, Beach House PR, and Bask Magazine!
 Mary J. Blige - always loved her!
 Our feet were pretty much killing us at this point but it was impossible to find a cab - felt like New Years Eve. Ended up walking to Soho (passing adorable-teasing window displays) in search of a cute cafe with water, and wine :) Needed a little break before the night of fancy dinners at swanky restaurants began....
 And look who we bumped into, Jeremy Piven, just picking up his dry cleaning. I liked that he went in and got it rather than sending his driver. We first thought the driver was pulling over to give us a ride b/c we had been trying to get a cab for so long, but then out he popped and we realized we had over-shot in our wishful thinking of the driver area. Anyway, Jeremy was super friendly and asked us all about Rag&Bone. He was on his way to a charity event for 9/11....but he encouraged our passion for fashion.
 THEN, we found the spot we had been looking for. Break time.
 The left shoe had to come off...why only the left was strange. I wouldn't normally take my shoe off in a restaurant unless it was serious. I KNEW I should have worn a thin sock with these suckers.
 Met a local fashion lover and had to get a picture...friendly New Yorkers :)
 And onward to the real dinner in the Lower East Side...Beauty and Essex. You basically walk into a pawn shop and in the back there's a door that opens to a posh dim lit bar and restaurant.
 You know a place is rad when there's a bar in the ladies restroom serving complimentary champagne!
 Amazing food...about 8 people for dinner and between us I think we tried everything on the menu :)
 Ugh, when it was time to hail a cab again I let the girl who use to be a New Yorker handle it...
(Army Jacket-Theory; pants- H&M; top-RVCA; bag-Prada; shoes- Dolce Vita)

p.s. It's going to take me all week to go through and choose what pictures to post from the 3 days I was here...only took 485 shots! Major condensing to do....but, at least half were of the shows and models on the runway, so I guess I can skip posting the majority of those since we have style.com to see higher quality...that makes it better, right? 


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