Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Backstage Part 2

Walking up to the backstage entrance at Alex Wang was nuts....photographers everywhere. 
To see the published outcome of my shoot with Vogue Spain check Vogue Espana ---have about 8 shots in their online gallery for NYFW street style!
(outfit: bag-Prada; blouse-Zara; shoes- dolce vita; sunglasses-Ray Ban; hat- Mint; watch-Vestal)

Alexander Wang being interviewed! I didn't get a chance to personally meet him, but others who did or know him say he is a such a sweet guy and very genuine which was cool to hear....those qualities of character can be rare sometimes with major designers!
With my partner in crime...where to go, who to meet, what to do....
These pressed organic juices were the best things ever...I could do a cleanse and drink only these for days if someone wanted to buy me 100 of them. I thought they were a new brand but turns out they've 
been around for a couple of years. The food on the other, passed on that.
This was a huge moment that everyone with a camera was freaking out about backstage...Alexander's 2 year old niece showing up in one of his custom made designs, of course.
Okay, so I was freaking out cute is she in that outfit??!
Already has the posing down.
Meet Kandee Johnson...a fashion/makeup blogger with the most warm and upbeat personality she just makes you smile. It was so cool to talk with her about blogging and pick her brain a little :) She has some great tutorials on makeup and and trends...check it out!
 She also has this crazy cute sparkly cell phone that got stuck in her fringe...I try to help where I can...


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