Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New Chapter

 FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (where I work!) celebrated it's graduation ceremony yesterday. There is a lot of good energy in this being there and congratulating these graduates, many of which I have worked with since their first day of class. 
Remembering when they came to see me overwhelmed with no idea what they were doing, to seeing them walk across the stage proud, is a very cool thing...

Now, talking fashion. Reflecting on my college graduation, it now seems SO boring compared to this ceremony. If you have to attend a grad ceremony, this is the most entertaining one to go to!
 Music jamming and over-stimulation with the platform heels, hundreds of creatively decorated caps, cropped and embroidered gowns, big sunglasses, feather boa's, dancing and shouting - you name it, anything goes.
 The hats are probably the best part...
(unfortunately I only had my camera phone on me, which somehow doesn't have a flash...not the clearest pics but you get the idea!)

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  1. I'm hoping I can attend FIDM LA sometime in the near future..... :) I'm a high school graduate.