Sunday, February 13, 2011

around my room

Lazy sunday morning, meet my cuddler ANIKAN. He is super laid back and adjusts easily wherever he is. Probably because I've moved him around so much since college when I got him. He is almost 9 -enough said. Anyway, I bought this faux fur throw as an accent for my bed, which, has now turned into Anikans bed in itself. I think the fur makes him feel right at home.

...trying to get organized for the week ahead. My 'first' closet above needs some organizing. Thank God for two closets....

The philosophy Grace is my current favorate fragrance. It's like smelling fresh clean sheets, or, soap :) As far as lotion, I'm obsessed with Laura mercier products in general, but this coconut almond is hands down the best. Oh, and there is my great-grandmothers turqouise bracelet by the way...

 Have I mentioned feathers are another obsession? I feel like these earrings could go with almost everything.

My mom gave this to me. I remember it hanging behind her vanity in the house I grew up in. Even when I was a child, I always loved it.

He knows how to look right back at the camera...


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