Monday, September 17, 2012

Dock of the Bay

The days are numbered for my typical Summer wardrobe of torn jeans (optional cutoffs), a tank top and ankle boots of some sort. This particular evening in Newport called for a light kimono - really the only appropriate 'jacket' for warm days and nights. I tend to stay causal when I'm near the an evening stroll along the harbor followed by sushi :)
On another note, I'm realizing it might be time for a new pair of sunglasses. It's been almost 3 years with my Ray Bans (without losing or really scratching them--unbelievable) and after all this time I just haven't found something I liked more. I'm getting that itch though..sort of like wanting a new haircut...
(jeans- current elliot, boots- deena and ozzy, leather clutch, tank-urban outfitters)


  1. love this! Just ordered that tank this week now I'm really excited to get it ;)

  2. That's such a great kimono. I love the sheer airiness of it and it looks great with the boots and torn jeans. As much as I love sunglasses, I do have only a few trusty pairs. What kind of shape are you looking for? <3


  3. I used to love hanging out in Newport. This outfit really speaks to my style. I think you'd look amazing in aviators!