Tuesday, June 10, 2014

...rock 'n roll is here to stay

Spring was filled with so many rock-n-roll moments looking back on all the concerts, parties, events and random nights on the sunset strip, I'm wondering what's in store for Summer. The last show we saw was The Brian Jonestown Massacre - the music did not disappoint. only wished that Anton had actually said more than 2 words to the crowd (at least one old school outburst from BJM would have been cool). We saw Black Sabbath a couple weeks before that - totally mind blowing at the Hollywood Bowl, ending in fierworks! How Ozzy still does it I have no idea...so weird he can hardly talk in real life, but on stage he hits every lyric and note. I'm getting that concert itch but not sure who's next on the list...still bummed I missed the Neil Young show in LA. Also had a lot of birthday parties the last couple of months, one being a throwback to 1976 so of course had to go all out (and bust out the infamous purple wig). Had a quick trip to AZ somewhere in there to visit my favorite Auntie, and then a bunch of nights out in the city of angels with friends and my babe that are all starting to blur together...wore a lot of torn denim, leather and black these last few months...pretty much want to live in cut off denim.

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