Friday, January 2, 2015

Coast to Coast

December....a blur of parties, friends, red wine, not worrying so much about giving into dessert. End of the year- everyone is in a better mood, the wind down at work, getting that sense of relief knowing there is a break ahead. (more importantly sleeping in as late as I want). This same feeling of relief is always mixed with anticipation. This year, covered some ground over my 2 weeks off for the holidays - from LA to my home in Dallas, to my bf's hometown just outside of Philly, to NYC visiting close friends, to ending back in LA on NYE just in time to celebrate with our regular crew. Still recovering from the non-stop schedule kept up this past month...which entails horizontal on the sofa, Netflix 'Peaky Blinders' series, American Horror Story...still wearing my pjs from this morning, of course.

Holiday Tour ~ 

Wildfox party, tree trimming in our apartment, Jumbo's Clown room on a Tuesday night, The Well, and some karaoke in Thai town...

Dallas a week before xmas....saw as many loved ones as I could squeeze into 6 days. Epic night with my best girl friends from high school on Greenville ave, our old stomping grounds.  Spent QT with the fam - plus a bonus day favorite tradition: Christmas cookie decorating. (Yes, all girls do it). Hung with my dad and hit trendy vintage boutiques, followed by a bar to catch our breath- impressed he lasted as long as he did with no complaining. Got to meet my life long friend (who I have known since we were in high chairs) new baby boy...the cutest little elf ever. Saying goodbye to my mom made my cry. It always does. Like the times growing up on the first day of (grade) school with my hair in pig tails, clinging to her leg with crocodile tears, so I'm told...

Loved this part of my trip - leaving the plans up to someone else can be so much easier. Arriving Christmas Eve-Eve, first time to visit Pennsylvania, met my boyfriends family and saw where he grew up - new places and having new experiences make me happy. Got the home town tour my first day - passed by a spooky graveyard next to a church and had to stop.... lightly raining and cloudy, old cemetery, eerie. (fun fact - learned this was the town that The Lovely Bones was filmed..I commented how similar this particular field looked to the one in the movie and - ding ding I was right). Anyway. Walked though and read headstones - so many young kids and teenagers dating back to the 1700s. I love an old graveyard. The history of them, everyone under these tomb stones had a story, and that one day that's where we'll all be, spirits floating in the air. Phoenixville- charming small town vibe...saw a pond covered with ducks, the old movie theater downtown, cute Irish pubs underneath stringed lights that hang over the narrow streets. Similar designed homes with huge yards - land rather - feels like you're in the country. I wanted to see it covered in snow. A day trip to the city of Philly, an old friend who owns a pizza restaurant/could be a cast member from Goodfellas, driving through south Philly,  the row homes, Termini's best cannoli, Independence Hall & the liberty bell, the most famous philly cheesesteak stands Geno's and Pat's right across the street from each other, the Rocky statue at the Art Museum - running up those steps like Rocky...walking through the massive museum, dinner at a rustic charming pub with wooden doors that look like a mirrored image. Christmas day- so sunny the locals were saying it was an LA winter.  Last day- annual ping pong tournament held in a high school buddy's basement (I know) dude took home the championship. I won one game. #winning. Time to hit the train tracks to NYC....

Last leg of the trip...partied ourselves out. So many good friends who all happen to live in Brooklyn - 2 nights back to back...tour of the new Museum of Sex in NY in between. (boob bounce house - what else needs to be said) The coldness of the city when you turn those building corners and the wind slaps your face. Numb chin in the East Village...but then walk into a cute bar or restaurant with Christmas lights and thaw out and have some drinks. Then face the cold again, and sober up. Then find another rad spot (because they're everywhere) and realize you're buzzed again. NY energy. Bars don't close at 2am - dancing the night away and say oh shit, how is it 4? Friends living in a gorgeous apartment in Brooklyn above an Irish Pub...I'd be in so much trouble. Step out the door and anything you want is within 2 blocks - coffee, bagels, pastries, brunch spots, bars, the subway, park, boutiques.... love that first step out the front door, bundled up, scarf and beanie, ready to take on the day, never a dull moment. I even like the subway, the difference in lifestyle from LA. It's always sad to leave NY ~ bicoastal living is the goal. Gotta get back there soon.

NYE...LA, home sweet home
....even though the trip from NY back home to LA took over 10 hours that day (delayed connecting flight messed us up!)...but we still somehow managed to throw on a festive outfit and make our friends house party with 2 hours to spare before that ball dropped in Times Square. Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store...2014 brought a lot of happiness and I can only hope for the same kind of luck. Good health, love, and making my long overdue European travel plans happen would satisfy just fine! Also, my bangs will finally be grown out in 2015, I'm thinking 2 more months. Huge step right there. Cheers!


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