Thursday, February 26, 2015


My partner in crime from La Models and I attended the WWD Magic/Project trade show in Vegas last week, and while it was a productive work trip, we still managed to have a blast. We decided to stay off the strip at the infamous Hard Rock hotel - not one of the Vegas 'hot spots' anymore, but I have a soft spot for it's rock-n-roll vibes. We spent our days walking the different shows - Magic, ENK, Project, Pool... but most time was dedicated to the premium denim sections. We also got to see our models walk in the Magic fashion show featuring various designers - love seeing our girls in action! The last night of the trade show, we checked out the Project party held at 'Light'~Mandalay Bay. I haven't been to a club in so long I forgot what strobe lights and body vibrations from house music felt like - not a normal Wednesday night for me, but good to mix it up sometimes. Other than that it was relaxing at the Cosmopolitan hotel's chandelier bar (apparently the new hip place to be -where our friend has the most amazing hotel view), chillin' by the fire pit with a glass of wine at our own hotel,  sleeping past 8am (yay!) and ordering room service. I only lost $25 in black jack -quickest game of my life. Not a bad way to spend the work week....

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  1. How incredible! I absolutely love Vegas - and this looks like it was fantastic.