Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Hatter

So excited my custom vintage hat arrived today from Rodger Chieffalo go-to hatter from Fort Worth, Texas! I had a mental picture of the type of hat I wanted...and Roger, like always, was able to come through with a hat even cooler than I imagined. It was interesting learning the provenance of the hat ~

"a vintage 1968 Peters Brothers cowboy hat. It is 80% beaver felt and was owned by a rancher from west of Abilene, Tx. The color is called "whiskey" and it was a premium priced color and rare.
It is completely weatherproof - Don't ever worry about wearing it in rain, snow, sleet, hale, west Texas wind, Pacific El Niño, or Chateau Marmont. It can handle it all." 

That's my kinda hat...not that I need to worry about much weather out here in Los Angeles.


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