Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Benvenido a Miami

First time visiting Miami.....fell in love with the island vibe and how international of a city it is. Many times throughout my trip I felt like I was in a different country, which made the get-away feel like a true vacation that much more. We had 2 tour just a year new to the city, and the other a Miami native (originally from Columbia)... so we had a nice mix of tasting different parts of the city between them. My favorite night was my Columbian girlfriend kid-knapping my boyfriend and I (close to midnight-very proud of that) to see some real Cuban dancing and live music in little Havana....followed by a couple clubs in south beach where 2am close time doesn't exist. People get started late and stay out reminded me on NY time, but on a island/beach setting. The days would start cloudy/overcast and then suddenly be filled with intense sun, followed by rain showers, followed by more sun. The humidity actually even felt good to me - the slight layer of sweat just seems to go with the mood of Miami overall. Another favorite - the clear crystal blue ocean that felt as warm as bath water -once I got in I really had trouble getting out. I've been to many beaches on the pacific, including Mexico, and the east coast too up to NY- but never Florida...that I alway hear has the best beaches. That blue water is what I was looking forward to the most and I enjoyed it just as much as I'd hoped to...that along with the mojitos, pina coladas and coconut waters from the actual coconut!


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