Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer Wine

Birthday shenanigans were off the chart this year - possibly my best bday party to date. It helps when your birthday (July 1st to be exact) falls on a Friday....short day at work, (presents!) and dinner date with my main squeeze that night....continued celebrations into Saturday - day drinking and listening to bands at Malibu Wines with my whole gang. Not to forget the 4th of July to follow, with a perfect 'rest day' on the 3rd to re-cooperate. The stars aligned that day at Malibu Wines...when a friend mentioned they had an entire lake house to themselves just 2 miles down the road, and that everyone at my 'party' was welcome! The after party ended up lasting pretty much through the 4th of July and the lake house felt like home by the time we all finally left. 

MALIBU WINES & Lake Malibou

4th of July at Lake Malibou.....(yes it's spelled that way), Free People, dinner and stuff....


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