Sunday, January 8, 2017

Last of 2016

...Halloween through NYE - the last few months of 2016 flew by as always. From a trip to Dallas to meet my best friend's (first) baby & seeing my mom, to dancing the night away at an old friend's wedding, to pumpkin carving contests, attending fashion trend shows (bomber jacket is a must), to many cat naps, an ambitious trek to the santa monica ICE skating rink, to finally visiting The Broad museum, to our annual house (holiday) party where the giant Nemo air swimmer made it's debut traumatizing our cat Pablo, to many lazy mornings with whip cream in our coffee, Christmas day hike in the cold crisp weather (thought it would never cool off), to entertaining ourselves at work as the season comes to an end, taking a lunch break to the grove for new Vince shoes...and to NYE rallying after a trip to Seattle but still making it past midnight to celebrate with our close pals. Oh, and the Rose Bowl - where 'WE ARE' came so close but blew it in the last 5 crucial minutes. Tired just thinking about all the activity especially of December...and thinking how crazy the year ahead will be as well....


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