Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"P.S. it's a surprise...."

The surprise factor might have been accidentally leaked prior to my 'surprise bridal brunch' - but at least I knew to bring a cute dress for my weekend away in Scottsdale (wrapping up final wedding planning details for our upcoming Sedona date)! Arizona has always been a 2nd home to me away from Texas, and now, California. I started visiting my aunt there -who I've been bonded to pretty much since birth - every summer beginning around 7 years old and continue to this day.  I was so touched by the little details that went into this sweet bridal shower - my aunts vintage (never worn) cowboy boots used for vases (adding that TX touch that also, of course went with the invitations)! My 'AZ gals' are so cool and stylish I lucked out with the gifts they gave - jewelry and a couple household gems I would have chosen for myself. My sweet, talented artist friend handmade a shell crown using shells she's collected over the years - they know me well! And timeless Tiffany's earrings from my mom who sadly couldn't be there...and auntie that made me tear up reading the card. A friend that wasn't able to be there sent 'additional' champagne, and we went through ALL of it. My favorite uncle even stopped by for a drink and huge hug that made the day that much more special. 
It also happened to be my uncles birthday weekend, authentic Mexican food at Barrio was in order - what a whirlwind of a weekend with my favorite people : ) 


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