Thursday, March 14, 2013

Noah Purifoy Museum

"I do not wish to be an artist. I only wish that art enables me to be." -Noah Purifoy

I finally had the opportunity to experience the outdoor desert museum I've been wanting to explore for years now. I learned about Noah Purifoy when I first moved to Los Angeles and visited the LACMA (where his work is shown) as well as the Watts Towers (Purifoy was a founding director). I was especially amazed by the beauty of the Towers made up entirely of recycled objects that form a huge mosaic structure...that took half a lifetime to build. With that same idea in of gathered materials in mind...I knew I'd be a big fan of Purifoy's 'junk yard' that's spread across 10 acres in the Mojave Desert. I could have spent longer here that I actually did, but a desert storm was on the horizon and the cold wind was almost too much to handle. My friend and I walked through the acreage and absorbed allot in a short amount of time. Even though it does appear to be thrown together junk (he really had a thing for toilets)....when you get up close you can see how thought out each structure actually was. The detail, the placement of smaller objects, and the texture in the structures themselves...these pieces were not 'thrown' there on accident. I am definitely going to have to visit again next time I'm in JT!


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