Monday, March 4, 2013

The Ranch Party

Music festival season is upon first attempt was last weekend at the first ever 'Ranch Party' in Topanga Canyon. The various local bands, food trucks, sunshine and mountainous surroundings were the lure to testing out this new festival - which I hate to say ended in disappointment. More on that. One good thing is the experience did get me hyped about Coachella on the horizon.... and gave me a chance to break out a 'festival outfit' including fringe, denim and a band-T. How predictable I know...but so fun to be in a tank top again. The downside of this potential filled day? Horrific transportation (aka being shuttled to the 'Ranch' on an old school bus up narrow steep winding roads the vehicle had no business being on) and the fact that it was almost dark upon arriving due to the slow bus driver who had to drive turtle speed in order to not kill us all. (I do thank him for that). My life flashed before my eyes a few times for sure. The music was, OK, a couple good bands. Strange at a rustic themed party how many rave-type people were in the crowd, but hey, entertaining to watch them dance with glow sticks. Ending on a positive note, we got to see some stars, breathe clean fresh air, eat super tasty organic vegan burgers, and scored front row seats on the hay stacks laying around which we covered in our hippie blankets. Oh...let's not forget we also successfully snuck our flask on board the school bus and into the festival....despite heavy security pat downs before boarding! What a day....

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