Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cabo Blue

Walking down the beach along the Pacific side of Baja Mexico, wearing a vintage muu-muu that belonged to my Mom since the 60's, was definitely my favorite morning of my vacation. The sky was so clear and the ocean looked more blue than ever. I had some great photo sessions with my girlfriends that day, but a special one in particular focusing on this hand-me-down hibiscus maxi dress that my Mom actually bought when she lived in Hawaii in her early 20's. To time stamp it's history again....I actually have an old photo of my mom wearing this moo moo watering plants in our backyard when she was 8-9 months pregnant with me!! Who knew one day I'd be wearing this maternity-looking number frolicking down our Cabo beach house escape reflecting back on ancient past times. The colors of the muu-muu are still vibrant and the length is just right....nice to have my mom be the same height! I styled it casually with colorful accessory accents including turquoise... keeping up with all that blue....

moo-moo: vintage, flops-rainbows, bag-mexico flea market, sunglasses-ray ban

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  1. Oh my- this dress has such a beautiful colors - looks perfect!!:)