Monday, June 10, 2013

Into the Great Wide Open

I hit the Rose Bowl yesterday, marking my second time ever and had much more luck that my first visit. The 2nd Sunday of the month swap meet is so massive and overwhelming that it's pointless to go there unless you have ideas in mind of what you want.'s like wandering through endless mazes which can cause major anxiety! Anyway...I recently moved into a beautiful new place near Larchmont and have never been so excited to decorate. One of my friends moved a few weeks ago as well, so we were definitely was on a mission to find some cool objects and frames for our new abodes...

It was a hot day so I wore my Emily Factor floral maxi skirt with a basic white tank top...had to wear boots to keep my feet from getting dirty covering all that ground. My cross body hand embroidered messenger bag I found a couple years back at a flea market in Cabo San Lucas seemed appropriate to carry, as I'll be heading for vacation South of the border just days from now!!

The damage are my purchases from the day.  I had a vintage phone and camera in mind, so was super excited to stumble upon both. A random Maraca made it's way home with me, because why not, right?? I scored some pretty china plates that belonged to a woman who was a nurse in World War II (I love hearing the background story of vintage belongings).... I intend to hang in my kitchen once I collect enough to cover a wall. I can't wait to hang the empty frames as they are...along with the huge distressed piece of tile I found that's going to go nicely with my bedroom and it's white washed theme....
And to end the day - not only scored at swap meet but also managed to score a last minute ticket to see the one and only Tom Petty! Seeing him in Hollywood at The Fonda was the perfect venue....small enough to be close to the stage, dancing like crazy to American Girl and swaying side to side to Mary Jane's Last Dance...second to last song and the one I wanted to hear the most!

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