Friday, August 16, 2013

90's Edition

Last night my partner in crime and I were pretty stoked about having an opportunity to show our true reflections of self! Myspace X Milk Studios threw a 90's theme party - we definitely won 'best costume' of all those who attended...photographers were loving us. The whole 90's thing is a trend anyway these days, so most people just wore a band-T or something plaid and thought that was solid. Oh no. We took it to the actual 90's with our styling....complete with cross choker necklaces, dark purple lipstick, dr marten combat boots and in my case -checkered flannel. My friend was a nice representation of 'Blossom' with the hat and  floral print, while I encompassed a goth-rocker chick who is obviously a major Pearl Jam fan. True 80's children here just taking a trip down memory lane to our Jr High days....

1 comment:

  1. Anything and everything 90s is great. I am loving these outfits - they are amazing.